So what 

GT6 Cars

 can we expect from the 6th Gran Turismo video simulation series?

Welcome to! We hope to bring you news, information and products related to the Gran Turismo Series of Video Game Racing Simulators. More specifically the Gran Turismo 6 title release aka GT6. Please take a look around and feel free to contact us with your feedback! Here's an awesome list we found of anticipated GT6 cars and related products. We have also included the top, best and high rate Gran Turismo games, all available thru Find more items at our Home Page as well to learn more about other related items.

We have so many things to say about the Gran Turismo series of Video Games. And, uh, we hesitate to call it a video game. Why? Because the GT series of products means so amny different things to so many different people. In the end this "title" of PS3 entertainment is all about what you own personal goals are. What do you want to acieve with GT6? If you have been active in the series from the beginning, then certainly you have experienced amny different features that have come and gone. Do you simply like to collect the GT Cars that are available? Do you just like to race online? Or race offline? Do you like to drive and/or race the classic muscle cars that come in the game. Again, what it really comes down to is what do you really want to get out of GT6?

We intend to develop this little corner of the interweb with all things GT6. GT6 Cars, GT6 News and Information and lots of stuff like that. Where we think we can add a different spin on the title vs. all of the other great resources that are bound to pop up once the title GT6 title hits the shelves. Hopefully we'll do the title justice. It is a wonderful entertainment product. Sincerely, Webmaster.